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  • Overcoming The Odds, Marc Marquez Wins MotoGP Again In Austin April 22, 2018
    Intense competition among the top-five riders in every practice session and a three-spot grid penalty for blocking Maverick Viñales during qualifying couldn’t slow down Marc Marquez at Circuit of The Americas. Overcoming the odds, Marquez somehow found his way through the field and onto the top step of the podium for…Read more...
    Kurt Bradley
  • This 1996 Acura Integra Made My Heart Grow Three Sizes April 22, 2018
    This morning, my favorite coffee shop was closed for remodeling, I got cut off in traffic and stepped on my dog’s tail, all before 11 a.m. I thought nothing could bring my day back around, until Jalopnik Editor-in-Chief Patrick George posted this Craigslist ad for a 1996 Acura Integra into Slack.Read more...
    Erin Marquis
  • The Cheap Alfa Romeo Giulias Are Coming April 22, 2018
    Hello there, car shopper. Perhaps you are in the market for a sporty sedan. You could buy yourself any number of nice, reliable and sort-of-fun sedans, or you can live on the edge and get something with an Italian flair. That’s because the Alfa Romeo Giulia is already depreciating into tempting price ranges.Read more...
    Tom McParland
  • Volkswagen Says Its New All-Electric Prototype Racer Is Faster Than An F1 Car April 22, 2018
    Volkswagen wasn’t kidding around when it said it wanted to take on the record for fastest electric car on the annual Pikes Peak International Hill Climb—that was obvious when it showed renderings of its “I.D. R” race car. But now the real car is ready to go, and Volkswagen said it’s faster than a Formula […]
    Alanis King
  • What Four Cars Inspired You The Most? April 22, 2018
    Twitter is endlessly hilarious and horrible, but every now and then it can be fun and thought provoking. In video-game Twitter, the hashtag #GameStruck4 was this past week. It essentially asked users to list the four video games that were the most influential on their lives, or on their hobby in general.Read more...
    Patrick George
  • Postal Carrier Charged For Hoarding 10,000 Pieces Of Undelivered Mail In His Nissan Pathfinder  April 22, 2018
    Authorities charged a U.S. Postal Service employee with detaining and delaying mail on Thursday, according to a complaint in federal court. The complaint said the employee stashed 17,000 pieces of mail because he was “overwhelmed” by how much he had to deliver, including 10,000 pieces in his Nissan Pathfinder.Read more...
    Alanis King
  • This Is Looks Like One Groovy Rally April 22, 2018
    After talking to some of the folks who make the annual Sonora Rally happen, I really want to get in on it to try off-roading in a corner of Mexico that’s nothing like Baja. But for now I’m really, really digging the score and aesthetic of the highlight reel.Read more...
    Andrew P. Collins
  • The Subaru Vivio T-Top Was An Actual Car In Spite Of What You May Think April 22, 2018
    I can hear you from all the way over here. “That’s not a real car, Raph,” you shout at your computer screen. “You made that up. It’s a figment of your imagination!” Hah. I wish. This thing is real as hell.Read more...
    Raphael Orlove
  • Sunday's Best Deals: Cole Haan, Sony Headphones, Plants, Greenworks Tools, and More April 22, 2018
    A plant Gold Box on Amazon, Sony headphones, discounted Cole Haan shoes, and more of today’s best deals.Read more...
    Jillian Lucas on Kinja Deals, shared by Jillian Lucas to Jalopnik
  • Go Electric For Your Spring Yard Work With This GreenWorks Gold Box April 22, 2018
    If you can’t stand yard work, and Amazon’s discounting several GreenWorks tools in today’s Gold Box to make it just a little easier.Read more...
    Shep McAllister on Kinja Deals, shared by Jillian Lucas to Jalopnik
  • The Valkyrie Of The Motorcar Survived The Race Of Death, A Sunken Ship, And An Assassination Attempt April 21, 2018
    What do you do when your husband dies, leaving you a widow at age 27? Do you go racing, compete in motor boating, travel around the world, become a published author, and get involved in a scandal over a nude photograph? If you’re Camille du Gast, you’ll be doing all of those and still find […]
    Elizabeth Werth
  • Did French Taxis Actually Change The Fate Of World War I? April 21, 2018
    Under the thick cover of the night on September 6, 1914, a group of Renault AG1 Landalets gathered in near the military complex of the Place des Invalides in Paris. The drivers were agitated, anxious, afraid for their lives and worried about what would happen to them when they reached their destination. A convoy of…Read […]
    Elizabeth Werth
  • Here's What Everyone In The Racing World Is Mad About This Week April 21, 2018
    Motorsport wouldn’t be what it is today without all the off-track drama. And this weekend, we’ve got plenty of bad-mouthing, grumping, and petty jabs running rampant before the racing has even gotten underway!Read more...
    Elizabeth Werth
  • You Can Buy This Acura For $1 On Craigslist And I Have So Many Questions April 21, 2018
    There’s nothing you can’t find on Craigslist, whether it be an obscure car you’ve been dying to buy, or even just the reassurance that you’re not having as bad a day as someone else. This listing for might tick both of those boxes if you’re in the market for a 1997 Acura TL.Read more...
    Elizabeth Werth
  • Please Stop Trying To Make Terrible Motorsport Mascots Happen April 21, 2018
    There’s a new trend sweeping through the world of motorsports, and I do not agree with it at all. It is bad. It is embarrassing. It is an attempt to reach The Kids, and frankly, it is probably the worst way to go about it. Yes. For some reason, everyone is deciding that creepy mascots […]
    Elizabeth Werth
  • All The Fast Bikes Of MotoGP Have Descended Upon Austin April 21, 2018
    For the sixth straight year, Circuit of The Americas is hosting MotoGP, and this year there’s a bit more tension leading into round three. Yes, Marc Marquez has won on this track each and every one of the five previous years in Austin, but this year’s MotoGP season is off to a rocky start for […]
    Kurt Bradley
  • The Biggest Race In The World Was Ruined By Emerson Fittipaldi And Bad Planning April 21, 2018
    There’s something magical about motorsport in the 1970s. It was an era where “screw it, anything goes” was the mantra for everything from aerodynamics to sponsorship to clear-cut definitions of what actually defines a racing series, and sometimes that was taken to the excess in the most hilarious way. Enter the 1972…Read more...
    Elizabeth Werth
  • These Are Your Favorite Automotive Conspiracies April 21, 2018
    Conspiracy theories are the spice of life. I don’t trust anyone who hasn’t indulged in a theory or two because they’re honestly just a hell of a lot of fun. I had a feeling y’all would have thought up some great conspiracies in the automotive world, and I gotta say—you definitely did not disappointRead more...
    Elizabeth Werth
  • Amazon's Running a Big Sale On 23andMe's New and Improved DNA Testing Kits April 21, 2018
    If you aren’t freaked out by privacy concerns of DNA testing kits (basically, they may sell anonymized genetic data, but not personally identifiable data), the tests are getting better, and 23andMe’s are on sale today.Read more...
    Shep McAllister on Kinja Deals, shared by Shep McAllister to Jalopnik
  • Weekend Motorsports Roundup, April 21-22, 2018 April 21, 2018
    Welcome to the Jalopnik Weekend Motorsports Roundup, where we let you know what’s going on in the world of racing, where you can see it, and where you can talk about it all in one convenient place. Where else would you want to spend your weekend?It’s another busy weekend in the racing world, so if […]
    Elizabeth Werth