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This is a complete extract of the MKIV Supra TSRM for the 1995-1996 Model. Each page has been extracted to an image, and the pages are arranged by section below.

There are 1,854 pages in all.


Few changes were made over the first few years, so this should be applicable for all 1993.5 through 1996 cars with a minor changes here and there.

Note: Many sections of this manual are not applicable to the 1997-1998 cars as they run an OBD-II engine managment system.

Engine - Mechanical
Engine - Emissions Controls (2JZ-GE)
Engine - Emissions Controls (2JZ-GTE)
Engine - Sequential Fuel Injection (2JZ-GE)
Engine - Sequential Fuel Injection (2JZ-GTE)
Engine - Turbocharger System (2JZ-GTE)
Engine - Cooling System
Engine - Troubleshooting (2JZ-GE)
Engine - Troubleshooting (2JZ-GTE)
Engine - Lubrication System
Starting System
Ignition (2JZ-GE)
Ignition (2JZ-GTE)
Automatic Transmission a340e (2JZ-GE)
Automatic Transmission a340e (2JZ-GTE)
Manual Transmission W58 (2JZ-GE)
Manual Transmission V160 (2JZ-GTE)
Propeller Shaft
Suspension & Axle
Brake System: Part I
Brake System: Part II
Body Mechanical
Body Electrical System: Part I
Body Electrical System: Part II
Supplemental Restraint System
Air Conditioning