Below you'll find a collection of user manuals and wiring diagrams from various manufacturers for electronics commonly (and uncommonly) used in the Supra over the years. All documents are in Adobe .PDF format. Some of these are very hard to find. Be aware that most of these are very old and in some cases, you may want to check with the manufacturer for updated documentation.


AEM EFI Basics 1.3

AEM Log Users Guide Version 1.0

AEM Pro Users Guid Version 1.14


APEX AVC Type R User Manual

APEX AVC Type R Wiring Manual

APEX Power FC Manual

APEX Rev/Speed Meter Users Manual

APEX Rev/Speed Meter Wiring Manual

APEX Super AFC (Gen 1 - analog) Manual

APEX Super AFC (Gen 2 - digital) Users Manual

APEX Super AFC (Gen 2 - digital) Wiring Manual

APEX Super AFC (Gen 2 - digital) U.S. Wiring Update

APEX Super AFC II User Manual

APEX Super AFC II Wiring Manual

APEX Turbo Timer Manual

APEX Turbo Timer Hard Wiring

APEX VAFC Users Manual

APEX VAFC-II User Manual

APEX VAFC-II Wiring Manual


Blitz Blow Off Valve DD Manual

Blitz Dual Turbo Timer Digital Compact (BTTDC4)

Blits Dual SBC Spec R and Spec S Boost Controller (DSBC-S & DSBC-R)

Blitz Full Auto Turbo Timer Digital Compact (FATTDC)

Blitz Powermeter i-D

Blitz Racing Meter DC2 (DC2 Gauges)

Blitz Racing Meter BLM (BLM Gauges)

Blitz Racing Meter SD (SD Gauges)

Blitz R-VIT Type I

Blitz R-VIT Type II

Blitz R-VIT DS (Data Link Station)

Blitz R-VIT I-Color (Color display)

Blitz SBC-ID III Manual (Boost Controller)

Blitz SBC-ID Optional Data Harness


Greddy EGT Installation Manual

Greddy e-Manage Installation Manual

Greddy e-Manage Ultimate Users Guide

Greddy e-Manage Ultimate Installation Manual

Greddy e-Manage Support Tool Version 1.10

Greddy FATT User Manual

Greddy Intelligent Informer Manual

Greddy Profec B Spec-II Users Manual


HKS EVC I Manual


HKS EVC III Users Manual

HKS EVC IV Users Manual


HKS PFC FCON Users Manual

HKS Turbo Timer Type I Users Manual

HKS Super AFR Installation Manual

TurboSmart eBoost Manual

TurboSmart eBoost 2 Manual